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Book: Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism

The book contains a set of papers presented at the REGSA Conference held in Florianopolis, Brazil, in May 2014. The event was undertaken as part of the project “Promoting Renewable Electricity Generation in South America” that aims at contributing to an increase of the renewable energy share of the electrical power generation in Bolivia, Brazil and Chile” (REGSA).

Architecture and urban development are guided by sustainable planning and management visions, which promote interconnected green space, a multi-modal transportation system, and mixed-use development. There is a perceived need for public and private partnerships, which should be used to create sustainable and liveable communities. In addition, policymakers, regulators and developers should support sustainable site planning and construction techniques that reduce energy consumption, foster energy efficiency and create a balance between comfort and energy friendly practices.

It is widely known that energy efficiency has a variety of commercial, institutional, educational uses as well as influences on housing design and prices. However, there are few publications which tackle energy efficiency through strategies and projects. This book addresses this need and provides a contribution to the state of knowledge in this field, by gathering a set of scientific papers and descriptions of projects and initiatives in Latin America and beyond.

Arquitetura e Urbanismo Sustentável
Estratégias e projetos para a promoção da eficiência energética e do conforto ambiental
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