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04 - 05 April 2011, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Brochure Seminário Energia LimpaDuring  the  last  four  years  of work,  Instituto  Ideal  has  always sought to get closer to youngsters and  encourage  them  to  advocate new  ideas  that  could  make  possible  the  adoption  of  alternative sources  in  Latin  America.  Therefore, it was a huge satisfaction to see the Federal University of Santa Catarina  Event  Center  (Centro  de Eventos  da  Universidade  Federal de Santa Catarina) in Florianópolis full  of  university  students  on  April 4  and  5,  2011  during  the  second edition of our seminar.

Our intention was to provide those  youngsters  with  the  opportunity to  meet  professionals  from  all  over Brazil  and  Mercosur  countries  who are  currently  developing  a  worthy work  with  projects  in  line  with  new ideals  of  a  green  economy.  Details of the New Solid Waste Policy, which brings  major  changes  in  government, company and individual duties regarding  the  waste  they  produce, the success of wind energy over the last two years in our country, and the first  public  building  in  Brazil  to  feature  a  photovoltaic  station  installed on the roof are but a few examples of what was discussed during these two days at the event.

In order to share with those who could not attend the event, we once again  publish  a  newsletter  with summaries of the round tables and lectures from the Clean Energy Seminar:  Knowledge,  Sustainability, and Integration.

We  thus  hope  to  further  spread these good ideas and hopefully they may contribute to reinvent as early as possible the way we generate energy,  how  we  feed,  how  we  produce our  assets,  how  we  consume  and how we relate with the environment. Only then we will ensure that our planet remains healthy, offering us all its wealth, which is what makes our life here possible.

Mauro Passos - President - Instituto IDEAL


4 - 5 April 2011, Santa Catarina, Brasil
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