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Book: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Production

The book contains a set of papers presented at the REGSA Conference held in Florianopolis, Brazil, in May 2014. The event was undertaken as part of the project “Promoting Renewable Electricity Generation in South America” that aims at contributing to an increase of the renewable energy share of the electrical power generation in Bolivia, Brazil and Chile” (REGSA).

Renewable energy, or energy producedfrom a source that is not permanentlydepleted, is a fast growing field. Sunlight, wind, flowing water, geothermalheat and plants are examples of renewable energy resources that can be produced today without damaging theirability to be produced in the future.

Over the past decade the use of renewable energy on the one hand, and energy efficiency on the other are becoming more important to people, industryand governments. This is because, apartfrom the fact that these energy resources are not depleted, they are becomingless expensive and have a softer environmental impact.

But despite this strong background,there are few publications which tacklerenewable energy and energy efficiency by looking at policies, opportunitiesand challenges. This book addressesthis need and provides a contribution tothe state of knowledge in this field, bygathering a set of scientific papers anddescriptions of projects and initiatives inLatin America and beyond.

Eficiência Energética e Produção de Energia Renovável
Políticas, oportunidades e desafios para o mercado, para a ciência e para a educação
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