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Renewable Electricity & Socio-Economic Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Developed and Developing Countries

International REGSA Seminar

9th September 2014, Hamburg

The access to electrical energy has a key role with regards to the socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in particular. The local generation and use of renewable energy offers a significant potential for the local economic development apart from different environmental benefits. In presentations from European and South American speakers as well as in discussion rounds the challenges and opportunities of renewable electricity generation for the socio-economic development will be highlighted.

This seminar will offer a forum for German key actors in the renewable energy technology transfer and development cooperation sectors, to exchange experience between each other and to enter into a dialogue with representatives from Latin American universities. This seminar seeks to promote the exchange of experiences between universities, NGOs and enterprises working in international renewable energy technology transfer. Moreover, it aims to initiate partnerships and contribute to closer networking between institutions in the field of renewable energy and development cooperation.

This seminar is organized as part of the REGSA project (Promoting Renwable Electricity Generation in South America). REGSA is a cooperation scheme involving universities from Germany, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile. REGSA aims at contributing to the increase of the use of electrical energy obtained by means of renewable energy generation in South America as a way to improve the environmental conditions, enhance the energy security and alleviate the poverty of the project areas. Partners of REGSA are HAW Hamburg (Germany), Universidad Católica Boliviana (Bolivia), Universidade Do Sul de Santa Caterina (Brazil), Universidad de Chile (Chile). The project is funded by the "Thematic Programme for Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, including Energy", a programme funded by the European Union.


Hamburg, 9th September 2014, 9:00 – 16:00
Venue: HAW Hamburg, Campus Bergedorf, Ulmenliet 20, 21033 Hamburg, Room 1.07

Agenda and more detailed information will follow soon.