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Communities with Renewable Energies in South America

This book was prepared as part of the REGSA Project (Renewable Electricity Generation in South America).

As we all know, there is a perceived need to foster the use of electricity from renewable sources in developing countries. This is also so in South America, where renewable energy can be useful as a tool towards energy security and poverty reduction in areas off the grid.

This book congregates the information, know-how and expertise from one of the work packages (WP4) which focused on feasibility studies
on renewable electricity generation technologies. It was meant to gather information on potential approaches and practices, on one hand, and to facilitate a dialogue among various stakeholders, on the other. They started from appraisal of the energy situation in the REGSA Project's countries (i.e. Bolivia, Brazil and Chile) and identified sustainable practices which are deemed as feasible.

The many examples of works documented in this report include how to generate and use energy resources more efficiently, how to develop
sustainable energy generation and use strategies, and the important role to be played by information, education, communication and training.

We hope this report will provide a valuable support to international efforts to foster renewable electricity generation and help to develop
the ability of other countries and regions to better capitalise from the many advantages that renewable electricity generation offers.

Study: Communities with Renewable Energies in South America

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