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First Workshop on Power Systems (TSP 2012)

23 November 2012, Santiago, Chile

"Efficient Network Integration of Renewable Energies and Storage Technologies"

The workshop will open a window to discuss about power systems of the future where flexibility and optimization of existing capacities are key factors to face the expected needs due to significant integration of renewable energies. The aim is to contribute in the integration process of renewable energies and new technologies in electric power systems by identifying the challenges and proposing solutions leading to smart and efficient power systems. The workshop is specially aimed at countries in a first stage of deployment of renewable energies.

The main topics covered in the workshop are:

  1. Technological solutions for efficient operation of power systems with renewable energies: Energy storage technologies
  2. Opportunities for energy storage technologies in Latin American countries
  3. Impact of wind power and photovoltaic systems in electric power systems during normal operation and contingencies
  4. Network planning by considering high penetration levels of renewable energies and storage technologies
  5. Grid requirements for renewable energies from a technical-economic point of view
  6. Evolution of power systems to smart power systems: Smart devices for smart grids
  7. Future scenarios of renewable energies in Chile: Challenges and solutions
  8. Opportunities and barriers for renewable energies and storage technologies in Chile

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
In addition to national experts, the workshop includes the participation of international renowned scientists and experts in the area of integration of renewable energies and storage technologies in power systems.

The confirmed speakers are:

  • Professor Istvan Erlich, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Julia Gottwald, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Professor Mauricio Salles, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Professor Rodrigo Palma, Universidad de Chile
  • Professor Luis Vargas, Universidad de Chile

Spanish and English. The international speakers will give their talks in english and we will not use simultaneous translation. Local speakers will give their talks in spanish.

Some students will want to apply for a scholarship for the fee. If you want to apply, send us your CV, a letter telling why do you want the scholarship and a letter of a leading teacher: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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