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4th Annual Baltic Energy Summit: "Stronger together?"

14 - 15 November 2012, Radisson Blu Olumpia, Tallinn

With increasing energy demands and dependency on imported energy, the Baltic States are looking for new generation sources, renewable energy may provide the solution. National incumbents and international investors alike are looking to the unfolding opportunities in the Baltic States, but can the potential be realised and what future remains for non-renewable energy. The 3rd EU Energy Package is driving changes in the structure of European energy markets, but what impact will this have on the Baltics for energy producers, transporters and consumers?

The 4th annual event will unite key players from across the energy industry, both from private and public sectors, tackling key issues facing the development of the Baltic Energy market.

Discussing the bankability of energy projects for private sector investors, including expert scrutiny of the risks and challenges from a range of international professionals, in addition to industry analysis and perspective from the leading regional energy companies.

Whether you're looking to enhance your presence in the Baltic market, investing in energy projects or want to find out about the future direction of the Baltic energy market, this event will exceed all your requirements.


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